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Services and Design


Our design manuals cover all aspects of safe systems for your sites.

For warehouse this might included floor markings for

  • Safe Walkways
  • Hazardous Walkways
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Pedestrian Barriers and Bollards
  • Stop Signs
  • Slow Signs
  • Traffic Direction Indicators
  • Exclusion Zones (Non-Emergency)
  • Emergency Access Zones
  • Wet Areas
  • Workshop areas
  • Forklift Parking
  • Truck Zones

In addition the design work may include

  • Pedestrian Barriers and Bollards
  • Emergency Exit and Door Signage
  • Eye Level Wall Signs
  • Traffic Calming (External)

and to ensure consistency across an organisation

  • Separation Guidelines
  • Colour Reference Charts
  • Dimension Index
  • Maintenance schedules


This is a list of some of the installations and work we have undertaken.

  • Anti-Slip Surfacing
  • Anti-Slip Steps, Stairs and Ramps
  • Bollards and Safe Gates
  • Car Park and Road Repairs
  • Concrete Mould protection
  • Custom Design Services
  • Disabled Compliance
  • Flexi and Reflective Posts
  • Hand Rails and Guides
  • Judder Bars (Cycle and Vehicle)
  • Line and Lane Marking
  • Luminous Paths and Surfacing
  • Night Path
  • Painting and Repairs
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Pot Hole Repairs
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Speed Cushions
  • Step Edge Protection and anti-trip
  • Surface Repairs
  • Traffic Calming and Controls