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Safe Surfaces

DBS supplies a range of Safe Surface options with excellent non-slip properties. These can be applied to any new or existing surface.

Steps and step edges

Slippery wooden steps made safe with Anti-Slip tape
Tiled stairs with Anti-Slip Nose Cones
Concrete steps with Anti-Slip panels and contrasting Nose Cones
Steps renovated with Anti-Slip Nose Cones and restained
Safety yellow non-slip Nose Cones on concrete steps
Safe surfaces applied to emergency route stairs
Steps renovated with Anti-Slip Nose Cones and restained

Safe surfaces for Ramps

Wooden ramps and concrete ramps are both affected by algae and moulds in wet conditions rendering them slippery and dangerous.
DBS can supply and install a range of safe surface solutions

Wooden ramp with bright Non-Slip panels
Wooden walkway with Non-Slip panels
Restaurant access ramp with unobtrusive non-slip panels
Vehicle ramp metal plats covered in resin and aggregate to provide grip for cyclists and motorbikes


Non-slip marina gangway

Wet Areas

Anti-slip surface for wet areas and bathrooms
Close up of wet area anti-slip