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Asset Maintenance

DBS can provide maintenance programs for your business to any level that you require from basic services to those that include cleaning and applying the DBL Anti-Slip clear Sealer so mould and mildew don't regrow, Pot Hole and Trip Hazard repair, drive, car park and road repairs, footpath repairs, safe ramp construction, maintenance and protection, step edge installation, hand rail refurbishment and replacement as well as painting services.

loading dock with edges painted safety yellow

Steps and step edges

Restoration of Steps

concrete steps after renovation
concrete stairway showing patches prior to renovation

Steps and step edges

trip hazard highligh in safety yellow
loading dock with edges painted safety yellow


Bollard with curb painted safety yellow
Signage and bollards to direct traffic
Felxible bollards and flexible signage


DBS Asphalt Rejuvenator
Before and after - steps with new nose cones
before and after renovation of wooden walkway
before and after renovation of ramp

Pothole Repairs

pot hole repair
neat pothole repair
Pothole repaired in resin
pot hole repaired with resin and aggregate

Industrial Areas

anti-slip resin and aggregate applied to metal landing
Painted highlighting of bottom of metal stairs
yellow resin aggregate installed in factory